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Letter 1
"Hello, I am a recent customer of the Rescue Food Program. First, let me express my appreciation for this ingenious program. Many people are in need but do not know where to turn for help. Most of the programs, such as this one, were referred to me by word-of-mouth. I mostly appreciate the produce because many of the other programs ie. Maryland Food Banks, do not have much produce. So thank you.

Second, and most importantly I appreciate Robin's passion for the program. I can tell she really works hard to help us get the food each day and even makes arrangements when she is not going to be available. She goes the EXTRA MILE to see that we are taken care of. I just wanted to let you know that she is really a gem and hope you can let her know how much she is appreciated."
Love never fails
Sharon Harris

Letter 2
Hello to all,
I have a question...
Has anyone ever been moved by a momentous example of gratitude thats made you have faith in the kindness and generosity of others?
Often we lose sight that signs of humanity still exist and may get jaded by not seeing acts of altruism in our daily lives as much as we'd like
Faith has given me belief that there are people who possess the genuine love and care of those in our communities and look to do what they can to give back and show that all is not lost. For those such people, all praise, appreciation and grace should be lauded upon them as recognition for their hard work, dedication and reciprocity
4mycity is prime example .Not only are they doing their part to fight against hunger in a country who proclaims greatness but falls short in some areas ( no one is perfect) they provide amazingly healthy fresh food and put together a program that brings it to your front door with such consistency it makes one wonder why this can't be done everywhere
I came across 4mycity recently due to being laid off and consequently losing my job as a direct result of COVID-19 pandemic
Unfortunately, I found myself in dark place due to lack of savings, a severe knee injury that made looking for work impossible (even after being vaccinated and mandates lifted) and not having financial resources to be able to pay for rent as well as other expenses.
If not for SNAP, the generosity of Food Pantries, friends and the grace of God I would have never been able to endure this past 15 months
By sheer synchronicity, I was introduced to 4mycity via a church who suggested I check out various other organizations who offer daily assistance to those suffering through food insecurity. After a few searches I discovered this wonderful process and the incredible staff who were more than accommodating and helpful .Right away I knew I was on to something special..It just felt right. God works in mysterious ways..This was truly heaven sent!
They offer high quality nutritious healthy food that is easy to prepare. Im not a believer in luck but I am a believer in devine intervention. After just a few weeks in this program I am beyond impressed joyous and blessed to be a part of my new found family and friends who will forever I shall remain humbly grateful towards.
For anyone looking to share lasting information with someone who may be in need and living in a food desert ,searching for nourishing reliable fresh healthy food. Tell them about 4mycity. Not only may you save a life. You will feed a soul

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