More than a house

Generational Change

These two girls are the same age as this volunteer's daughter back in the States. Three years ago, this woman and a team of youth volunteers built a house for the girl on the left. This girl and her two older sisters lived in a shack without a roof, with a dirt floor that turned to mud everytime if rained. Today the girl was excited to show the volunteer the home they've made from the house built so many years ago. Prior to building the home the dad was not around, but now he's back and is a loving dad, and they are a family. This time around this volunteer and a team of youth volunteers were building a house for the girl in the middle. These two girls are best friends. These two girls lives have been transformed. No longer do the parents have to worry that someone will reach through the tarp walls, pull them out and rape them. No longer are they sleeping in mud after it rained. They have a chance to grow up, they have a chance to go to school, and they have a chance to become self-sufficient thank you to the work done in part through Honduras Compassion Partners.

Charity Name
Honduras Compassion Partners
Photo Caption
Two children, age 6, with a volunteer who helped build houses for families in need in Honduras. Both children's lives have been transformed because of Honduras Compassion Partners.
Photo Credit
Julya Doyle with Honduras Compassion Partners