Linda's Story

Fresh Food Share

Linda, 73, is trying to survive on a fixed income. That doesn't cut it when it comes to covering the cost of everything her family needs. Lately, it’s especially hard for the Loveland, Colorado, resident to make ends meet with the dramatic increase in food prices. “The money starts running short, where you can’t go out and buy tomatoes or lettuce ... because it’s just so expensive,” Linda says.

Fortunately, Linda can visit the Fresh Food Share operated by the Food Bank for Larimer County. Open five days per week, Tuesday through Saturday, the food pantry is a resource for nutritious foods that she can’t afford to buy.

When Linda visits Fresh Food Share, the experience is a lot like visiting a small grocery store. She chooses fresh fruit and vegetables to put in her cart, along with bread and other staples. For items like meat and dairy, she visits the deli counter.

The biggest difference from a trip to the grocery store? It's all free, thanks to the generous support of many volunteers and community donors. Linda can put food on the table without worrying that it will take away money she needs for other expenses. “It’s really been a blessing to me,” she says.

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Food Bank for Larimer County
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People visiting our Fresh Food Share pantries select the groceries they want and need.
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Food Bank for Larimer County