How Chiquita Got the Care She Needed


Chiquita goes to work every day with her owner. One day she wasn't quite herself. She wasn't greeting customers and was lethargic. An x-ray revealed she had eaten something she shouldn't have. She needed emergency surgery, but the cost was too much for her owner's budget. Her owner searched everywhere for help until she found Second Chance. They made the four-hour trip to Massachusetts. Second Chance vets removed most of her intestines to save her life.

Without help, she would not have survived another day. Chiquita made a full recovery and is now back to work. This is why Second Chance is leading the way in providing access to veterinary care – so every pet can get the care their need. Thank you for your support.

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Second Chance Animal Services, Inc.
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Chiquita Says Thank You
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Second Chance